Pollarding 98 Lime Trees in Tidworth

A “before, during and after” of pollarding 98 Lime trees in Tidworth.  This was the last few of 98 done over the winter months. Good job done by Scott, Antony and Cleeve.
If you’ve never spotted our page of definitions of tree work, check it out here.

We used both our 26m MEWPS, including our most recent one, the Teupen LEO 23 GT –  ideal for quick, efficient jobs: It is especially suited for job sites that provide little space and require great working heights. It has a variable and quick multi-position stabilising system, 180˚rotatable basket and flexible articulated and telescopic boom.  See here for full details of our three MEWPS.

Pollarding 98 lime trees in Tidworth Pollarding 98 lime trees in Tidworth Pollarding 98 lime trees in Tidworth Pollarding 98 lime trees in Tidworth

Lime tree reduction in Calne for WCC

Here we reduced 46 lime trees up to 30m in height.  WCC had obtained an initial tree survey from another contractor but we were the only contractor with the correct machinery to undertake the works in a safe and timely manner.  To make the work more interesting, the site also contained a number of powerlines and an electric sub-station, so power lines were covered, and the sub-station protected prior to starting.  And, there was the additional challenge of the trees being adjacent to a school so half-term came into play as well!!   All in a day’s work…

lime tree reduction in Calne for WCClime tree reduction in Calne for WCC lime tree reduction in Calne for WCC

Dismantle Lime trees, Bishops Cannings

Here’s a 60-second video of one of a pair of time trees coming down in Bishops Cannings at the beginning of November.  The trees were healthy in themselves but had grown to a height of 100 feet.  The roots were undermining the buildings which were planned for a change of use in the near future so needed to be removed.

Lime trees are one of the most iconic British trees forming lined avenues on grand houses and estates.  There is even a circle of trees planted in Pewsey, Wiltshire that are still alive and healthy today, designed so that duellers could get some privacy from onlookers when in action!

The action is all in the last few seconds!

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Health and safety tree works today for Pewsey Parish Council around the football pitch area March 2018

Health and safety tree works today for Pewsey Parish Council, around the football pitch area…

1 pine, 3 limes, 20m high.  We also carried out an aerial inspection.

Cannot beat having your own MEWP  (mobile elevated work platform) – see here for more info on our 14′ and 26′ cherry pickers

Health and safety tree works today for Pewsey Parish Council

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March 2018.


Diseased tree in Trowbridge chopped down over safety concerns


Conservation Contractors cut down the tree in Balmoral Road..

A DISEASED 50ft tree that was nearly 100 years old had to be cut down from a street in Trowbridge as it was a safety risk.

The Lime Tree at Balmoral Road was taken down last week as many of its branches were dead or rotting.

Workers from Conservation Contractors Ltd spent several hours chopping down the tree, leaving just a stump in its place.

“It is quite a sad sight to see a once lovely tree taken down. Most of the trees here were planted before people moved here and I have been told they were 80-90 years old,” said Graham Hill, of Balmoral Road.

Wiltshire Council have said they will replant a tree in its place

From Wiltshire Times July 2017: Richard Mills

Photo: Trevor Porter 588171 4.

Diseased 50 ft  lime tree

Removal of 30 cherry trees Marlborough

Removal of 30 cherry trees, Marlborough

Rich, Geoff and Simon spent a week at Temple Estate in Marlborough at the end of October. They undertook a variety of jobs which included reducing the number of trees on the driveway. The original planting had alternate lime and cherry trees, but now there was no longer space for both. So the decision was taken to remove the 30 cherry trees and their stumps so that the lime trees could thrive better.

More tree and general clearance work was also undertaken to make way for a house extension…  See the avenue of limes below.

Removal of 30 cherry trees, Marlborough

Removal of 30 cherry trees, Marlborough

Dismantle Lime tree Marlborough

In August we had to dismantle a 100ft lime tree in Marlborough, together with clearing some smaller trees and shrubs and stump removal and grinding.

The timber was collected and moved across to  Barbury Castle Estate on the Marlborough Downs to be used as part of the horse trial course.  We try very hard to recycle as much as we can.

If you require woodchip for the garden or larger projects we have plenty in our yard and you are welcome to collect it FOC.  

Please email William to let him know what you require.

Dismantle Lime tree Marlborough Dismantle Lime tree Marlborough Dismantle Lime tree Marlborough