Vosch Grapple Saw

Vosch Grapple Saw

Giving you a massive safety gain...

Our Vosche Grappe Saw

The VOSCH 1900 series grapple saw was supplied and fitted to our Takeuchi 2150 excavator by Richard Court Forestry Engineering Ltd as the UK dealer, along with additional uprated hydraulics required to operate the grapple saw and bulletproof windscreen to protect the operator.

This makes light work of taking down trees with trunks to approx. 25” diameter, saving manpower and giving more safety to the operators.

Some of its uses and benefits:

  1. Where it is unsafe to fell from the ground by chainsaw. Any ash showing signs of ash dieback should not be climbed, limiting the options in restricted positions. They are not called widow-makers for nothing, so be careful.
  2. Taking down trees or branches overhanging streams and/or adjacent to the road, as you can grab them from the inside/field side without the danger of working roadside;
  3. No operators standing at the base of the trees and well out of any danger zones;
  4. Quicker and fewer people needed so returning an increased output;
  5. Increased safety all round so all to gain and nothing to lose.

See our YouTube channel for some videos showing the Grapple Saw at work, with riverside willow and Ash Die Back and you can download a PDF of this page for reference.

We are able to also market any timber produced if of a suitable volume and quality.

If you’re interested please call us on 07889 461 358, complete the contact form on the website or email info@conservation-contractors.co.uk with an outline of your requirements.

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