Tree Surgery

Qualified Tree Surgeons and Arborists

We undertake all aspects of tree surgery and hedging in Wiltshire and neighbouring counties, from shaping and felling, light pruning of the smallest trees and shrubs, to reducing, dismantling or removal of the largest storm damaged tree, all carried out with a cheerful and reliable professionalism.

We are members of the Arboricultural Association and the Contractors Health and Safety Scheme (Chas), and all our tree work is carried out to:

  • BS 3998:2010 Tree work. Recommendations
  • BS 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations
  • BS 3936-1:1992 Nursery Stock Specification for trees and shrubs

All of this combines to bring you peace of mind when choosing a company to undertake your tree work.  Full details of our accreditations may be found here.

Please see our glossary of terms and definitions if you’re unsure about any wording relating to tree surgery.

Your legal duty of care

Damage involving wood decay and loss of wood strength may require immediate action to avoid potentially dangerous situations.  The owner of a tree has a legal duty of care for others should a decayed tree or part of it damage or injure a third party.  See the article from Aviva “Loss Prevention Standards for Hazardous Trees

Commercial, Domestic and Highway Tree Surgery

Our arboricultural work includes:

  • Tree Felling, Tree and Sectional Dismantling, Decayed Tree removal
  • Tree Pruning, tree thinning, tree crown reductions – lifting and thinning, tree pollarding, tree coppicing
  • Tree inspections, risk/hazard assessments and surveys
  • 24-hour emergency call-out service
  • Tree Stump Grinding and removal - The final and often forgotten-about step in removing a tree, the grinding of stumps to below ground level, then raked level and seeded, like it was never there!


  • Specialist tree planting, tree and hedge management
  • Advice on maintenance requirements and tree pest control
  • Advising on tree diseases, such as ash dieback and discussing future removal of infected trees - see surveys
  • Woodland management and biodiversity planning.
  • Site clearance
  • Removal of Japanese Knot Weed and Rhododendron - see weed control

We were delighted to receive these testimonials:

From St Peter’s Churchyard, Marlborough:

I would gladly recommend Conservation-Contractors Ltd to any organisation seeking to have a wide variety of trees managed and worked on both efficiently and to the very highest standards.

Please click here to read the case study for this work.

from Church Warden , on behalf of the PCC, St James’ Church, Ludgershall and Faberstown
“The lads excelled, William, and we were pleased that the operations went without a hitch, or damage to any grave stones beneath the horse chestnut tree. Goodness only knows how the falling timber was guided so expertly, but it really was a joy to witness. It wasn't just the skills level that impressed, but the work ethic and bonhomie which secured excellent relationships all round. Neither my doughnuts or the Vicar's tea slowed them up at all! The lads are a credit to your organisation. Hard work with safe process obvious and the site was cleared and left tidy.”

We were contacted by the PCC to inspect a 20m high split horse chestnut tree following the loss of a large limb during recent windy weather. On inspection, the tree was found to be in an unsafe condition and it was agreed to remove it completely and grind out the stump.
Some of the timber was retained by the village to construct a Hibernaculum close by, and larger pieces were used by villagers for tabletops!

Thanks to Rev Tim for this time-lapse video; also starring Iggy and Gerri the sheep in the foreground.

from Kieran Pierce following the removal of 50x 50' conifer and leylandii trees and hedging in August.
“I’m very happy to recommend William Warden and his tree team. What a great
bunch of guys – it just works with the team all being ambassadors for William’s business –
courteous, thoughtful, empathetic to the environment and not noisy. And, of course, highly skilled
in their work. Good job done. Thank you. If anyone would like to speak to me personally, then
happy to do so”.

A Selection Of Recent Tree and Hedge Work

Clearing back overhanging tree
Clearing back overhanging tree

Details of other Tree Surgery work may be found our news page

How We Reach Those Difficult Areas

The VOSCH grapple saw fitted to our Takeuchi 2150 excavator along with additional uprated hydraulics required to operate the saw and a bulletproof windscreen to protect the operator. This machine allows us to ensure dangerous ash trees can be managed safely and efficiently. Watch Video

Our Unimog - one of the range of multi-purpose auto four-wheel drive medium trucks produced by Mercedes-Benz –has a wood chipper on the back with a 1.5 ton capacity, so we're up for any tricky off-road areas you may have.

Our ‘go anywhere’ tracked chipper allows us not only off road but also to meet the majority of challenges where we’re needed to get into difficult areas. Whether narrow, uneven or sloping ground, soft ground conditions, we will be able to help.

We have three MEWPs (mobile elevated work platform) one reaching to 14m, one to 23m and the third reaching 25.6m. They are particularly useful for cutting high hedges and carrying out tree surgery where there is restricted access. - view MEWP page

Our 360 digger is perfect for the removal of individual trees, eg self-set alder trees - watch video

To reduce manual handling we have added a Reverse-Drive Valtra tractor with a cab-mounted timber Botex crane which allows us to move large pices of timber with relative ease and speeds up timber and brush removal

Our Dymax tree shear makes quick work of felled trees - watch video

Recycled Tree and Wood Waste

We always recycle our felled timber – recently it was used as part of a horse trial course and when chipped, it has been used by local farms on their cow tracks. If you need some wood chip, please get in touch.

​We take into account everything we produce, as what the client would consider waste we are able to recycle in some form or another, eg

  • Timber - processing for future use as board and structural building materials,  carving, logs.
  • Woodchip - garden mulch, compressed into pellets or loose for biomass boilers, rotted down and added as soil improver, or off by lorry to fire the power stations for fuel.  .

Nothing is EVER sent to landfill.

  • tree surgeryRemove conifers for Dorset CC
  • tree surgeryRemove conifers for Dorset CC
  • tree surgeryReduction of over-hanging willow
  • tree surgeryReduction of over-hanging willow
  • tree surgeryReduction of Beech Tree Before
  • tree surgeryReduction of Beech Tree After
  • tree surgeryPollarding a hornbeam in Burbage in February 2017 | 1/3
  • tree surgeryPollarding a hornbeam in Burbage in February 2017 | 2/3
  • tree surgeryPollarding a hornbeam in Burbage in February 2017 | 3/3
  • tree surgerySectional Dismantle | 1/4
  • tree surgerySectional Dismantle | 2/4
  • tree surgerySectional Dismantle | 3/4
  • tree surgerySectional Dismantle | 4/4
  • tree surgeryReduction of 30m Poplar
  • tree surgeryOur tracked chipper at work
  • tree surgeryTake down in Tockenham
  • tree surgery360 digger at work

If you are looking for an experienced team of tree surgeons in Wiltshire, Bath, B&NES, Bristol, Berkshire, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Somerset, Swindon and the South and West, whether you are responding to storm damage, health and safety/public access, or have a routine enquiry, if you would like  a no nonsense quote please get in touch.

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