Domestic Close Board Fencing

Domestic Close Board Fencing

closeboard domestic garden fencingThe wooden Close Board fencing panels are formed from vertical feather edge boards, each partially overlapped and fixed to several rear horizontal supporting wooden rails. Close Board panels are traditionally used for boundary screening and are more robust panels. The usual height erected in the UK is 1.8m.

The rough sawn timber has been dip treated to provide the fencing panels with protection against rot.  You can paint the fence panels if you wish, but this won’t make any difference to the durability of the panels.

Options: you can choose to have a top cap fitted but sometimes this can distort over time depending on the sun on the fence.  if you don’t have a top cap fitted, then a it can be a good idea to give the top of the fence panels and supports a coat of preservative.

Decisions – before our fencing team arrive, you’ll need to have decided on which side to have the horizontal supporting wooden rails (sometimes known as Arris rails).   If a dividing fence you will need to discuss with your neighbour or replace as it was before; if an outside fence, then having the straight panels towards you is more attractive, although there is then a slight chance that the fence could be climbed from outside, perhaps?

We prefer using close board fencing to standard panels because it provides a stronger fence,  but can source and erect panels if required.

Examples of Domestic Fencing that we have erected

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