Equestrian Fencing

Equestrian Fencing

equestrian fencing with double sided electrical tapePost and Rail: We normally supply square sawn or half-round rails on round posts.  Usually there are 3 rails. We can however adapt to any specific requirement you may have

Keepsafe Equestrian Fencing is a specially designed wire fence for the equine fencing market; initially from the US, it is now proving very popular here in the UK.  We still need sometimes to purchase the fencing from the US, however.   With a durable and protective diamond weave featuring heavy, twisted horizontal cables, each cable consisting of two wires on 100mm (4") spacing from the ground to the top. Vertical wires, securely wrapped around each horizontal cable, run diagonally to make a diamond pattern, forming the strongest fence construction available today. The practical benefits are that not only does it keep as much out as it does in; it is also very springy so safe if horses bounce into it.

Electric tape fencing  is usually used as a cost-effective fence, when compared against timber post and rail. The advantage is the electric fence can be moved if required and reused, once horses are familiar with the fence It can provide a long-term solution, the fence needs to be checked regularly and powers is required nearby.

Usually made of white or green tape, rope or wire to allow visibility.

Examples of equestrian fencing


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