Agricultural Fencing


  • Stock fencing
  • Traditional parkland fencing
  • Galvanized Estate

Stock fencing on the edge of the Marlborough Downs with a goat looking overStock fencing is a heavy-duty wire fence that, when installed, forms a high tensile barrier capable of enclosing large livestock. It is often used conjunction with barbed wire or electric fencing. Generally, it comes in two different height rolls - 0.8m and 1.2m and both are available with different hole sizes.

galvanised estate fencingTraditional parkland or estate fencing is a metal ornate fence, originally used around large houses and estates.   Now used as a decorative form of fence, it is mostly used for domestic and new housing developments to give a formative feel to entrances and open spaces.

It is only suitable to contain sheep; if used for horses or cattle then taller options will be needed or electric added to the stock side.

Examples of our Agricultural Fencing

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