Weed Control

Weed Control

Invasive plants have a multitude of impacts on plant communities through their direct and indirect effects on soil chemistry and ecosystem function.

Weed Control is the process of applying a weed control product to areas where weeds have encroached onto pavements, runways, car parks to remove them leaving a clean surface.

Selective weed control is the process of treating usually grass areas by controlling the weeds whilst leaving the grass unaffected.  Such areas could include for example sports pitches, paddocks and solar farms.

If you are based in Somerset, Wiltshire or other surrounding counties and need some assistance with weed control, call us - we can help.

Services Include:

  • The control of weeds in a wide range of situations from car parks, paved areas and kerbs.
  • Moss and algae control on runways and other paved areas
  • Hedgerow weed control
  • Selective control of weeds in sports and recreation fields, lawns, grassland and scrub with weed wiper & boom sprayer
  • Control of nuisance weeds such as Ragwort (with weed wiper) Japanese Knot Weed,  Himalayan Balsam, Rhododendron and Hemlock.
  • The control of weeds between and under solar panels in solar parks
  • Control of weeds in Woodland and Forestry
  • Horse Paddocks and Gallops weed control
  • Control of weeds in Water - Pond, lake, stream river, reeds and rushes
  • Agricultural weed control – all crops, grass margins and buildings
  • Complete spraying service for amenity (playing field, footpath and public spaces), agriculture, councils and forestry

Consultant services and control programmes

Weed Spraying

We choose the most appropriate methods for weed control according to your brief. These may include the following, which will be fitted with the appropriate nozzle for the work.

  • Controlled droplet application in public areas
  • Knapsack or ATV mounted Hand Lance
  • 6 metre ATV mounted ‘throw jet’- suitable for inaccessible sites
  • 1, 2 and 6-metre boom ATV mounted or ATV trailed

Weed Wiping

Weed Wiping is an environmentally sensitive method of weed control.

The Weed Wiper wipes herbicide directly onto the weed leaf ensuring that only the target weeds are treated. This reduces herbicide waste, thus saving costs. It is especially appropriate for use in environmentally sensitive areas, in Countryside Stewardship Schemes, Entry Level and Higher Level field margins.

Our Specialist Equipment Includes:

Quad Sprayer - four wheel quad bike fitted with an on-board sprayer, with either a 3m boom for sports pitches and paddocks or a hand-lance for spot treatment of weeds such as buttercups, nettles, docks and ragwort.

Bateman RB55 Crop Sprayer - 36m wide - seen below treating a runway for moss and algae prior to resurfacing works; also used for arable crops and larger areas of grass.

Weed Wiper - mounted on 3 point tractor this applies very small amounts of concentrated chemical to weeds where blanket spraying is not required or would damage the flora and fauna. Great for ragwort and thistle control on SSSI sites.

A Selection Of Our Current Work

Details of other work involving weed control  can be found on our news page here


We operate with qualified staff and offer a professional weed control service

All staff undertaking weed control are trained and assessed by the National Proficiency Training Council (NPTC) and are members of the NRoSO (National Register of Sprayer Operators) and carry full NPTC & NRoSO Cards

All our equipment is tested under the National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS), ensuring efficiency and reduced waste.

  • Weed control on a 100 ac Solar Farm TrowbridgeWeed control on a 100 ac Solar Farm Trowbridge
  • Farm weed controlWeed spraying on an industrial estate
  • Runway weedingTreating moss and algae on a runway near Salisbury
  • weed controlWeed control in Ramsbury using our Batement RB55

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