EssentialArb article

Did you see our article in essentialARB?

It was in the Autumn edition, on pages 38-39 and is a snapshot of what we do.
“If there’s ever a job advert for someone to look after a war zone, then William Warden has to be the man for the job.  Who else has a CV that takes in looking after the battlegrounds of Salisbury Plain, surrounded by tanks, troops and helicopters to say nothing of fast jets plying their trade?  And if the mulcher stops dead in its tracks, then the culprit is probably an old shell or maybe a piece of tank track”…
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Japanese Knotweed

Do watch out for this nasty invasive plant – Fallopia japonica – which is a large, herbaceous perennial of the family Polygonaceae, native to Eastern Asia in Japan, China and Korea.

It is a notifiable weed, like Himalayan Balsam and Ragwort, and it’s up to the property owner to ensure it is removed.  You won’t be able to sell your property if it has knotweed as mortgage brokers won’t grant a mortgage and you can be fined £2,500 if you ignore its presence as this is considered a criminal offence.

The appearance of knotweed changes throughout the year from purple/red stems and pinky-red leaves in Spring to the virulent, growing stems upwards of six feet in Autumn, with cream/white flowers.  Unlikely that you would see anything just now as it will have died back over the winter.  The image here is from the RHS website and here’s a link to this, with more information.

If you do suspect you may have this unwelcome visitor, please do give us a call and we can undertake a free site visit and suggest a plan of treatment to eradicate it properly.  It really isn’t something you would want to try at home yourself!

See our weed control page for details of what else we can help you with…

Weed control in a crop of winter wheat

Desiccation of winter wheat 36 m down to 24 m using one of the three Conservation Contractors Bateman rb55 sprayers.  This is just one side of what we are able to do for weed control.   For other options, please see our weed control page on our website here.

We treat arable crops across Wiltshire for farmers, growers, landscapers and even a runway!  If you need anything cleared, please let us know.

Treating moss and algae on a military airfield

While everyone was tucked up in bed this morning we were applying a biocide treating moss and algae on a military airfield before it went live a 7.30am!

The total area covered was 175,000 sq /m.  This was Phase 1 of a contract won by Lafarge Tarmac to upgrade the friction surface of the runway. Once the biocide has killed the moss, algae and lichen present,  it will be sprayed with tar and then the markings will be repainted.

All in a day’s work – or in this case, a very early morning’s work and our trusty Bateman rb55 hard at work.

Treating moss and algae on a military airfield