Picus technology

We returned to Manton to check the health of an ailing beech tree using PICUS technology.

The PICUS Sonic Tomograph is used for non-invasive tree risk assessments in order to measure the thickness of the residual wall of trees with internal defects such as cavities or decay.  See more information here.

We were concerned with the tree because of the large fungi brackets on one side.  And what the assessment showed was that the tree was rotten in the middle and sadly had to be removed for safety reasons.  It’s like giving the tree an MRI scan. Amazing bit of kit.

Picus technology

EssentialArb article

Did you see our article in essentialARB?

It was in the Autumn edition, on pages 38-39 and is a snapshot of what we do.
“If there’s ever a job advert for someone to look after a war zone, then William Warden has to be the man for the job.  Who else has a CV that takes in looking after the battlegrounds of Salisbury Plain, surrounded by tanks, troops and helicopters to say nothing of fast jets plying their trade?  And if the mulcher stops dead in its tracks, then the culprit is probably an old shell or maybe a piece of tank track”…
Read the article here

Wind blown Silver Birch tree in Edington

This image illustrates the importance of getting your trees surveyed…. This is taken at the rear of Three Daggers Pub in Edington.  Just imagine if it hadn’t been for the Beech Tree stopping the Silver Birch from crashing onto the building.  What mess and structural damage would have been caused, let alone perhaps damage to life and limb…

wind-blown silver birch tree Edington