Removal of 100 ft Cedar of Lebanon in Worton

Sad to see this go –  a local landmark coming down in Worton due to decay.

The decay, which you can see in the photo, was detected in the base of this 100 ft Cedar of Lebanon.  Using the Picus Sonic Tomograph, the decay was clear.  

This was the last one of six that were there before the houses were built on Cedar Close; now, perhaps Cedar-less Close!

The trunk was taken down to the West Country for wood carving into something quite unique.  Howard & Sons undertook the haulage

A replacement tree has been planted.  

For details of our tree surveys see here

And for the case study using the Picus Sonic Tomograph, please see here

And our post in November 2022 will tell you about its wonderful transformation into this tabletop.

60m hedge reduction Worton, Devizes

The pictures show us half-way through a large reduction on a 60m hedge which had grown to 65′ in Worton Village, Devizes.  Following the unusually high winds in May, several branches had broken off and there was a further risk of more damage, so permission was sought from Wiltshire County Council as the hedge/trees were within a conservation area.

The work was then scheduled, needing our large cherry picker, and we recycled all the chip and timber locally.

60m Hedge reduction Worton Devizes
Hedge reduction Worton Devizes

60m Hedge reduction Worton, Devizes
Hedge reduction Worton, Devizes


Watercourse Repairs – before and after  

We were awarded the contract to clear trees and undergrowth from in and around a lake in Worton, near Devizes. We also uncovered a spot of erosion which has now been reinstated so water goes over rather than around the weir. The work will require a program of tree removal and replacement planting, fencing, drainage works and removal of timber from the lake.


Watercourse Repairs – before and after