Vermin-proof fence around the gardens at Iford Manor

Our project here was to erect a vermin-proof fence around the gardens at Iford Manor; The Iford Manor Estate nestles between Westwood and Freshford. It boasts a Grade 1 listed, Italianate garden designed by Edwardian architect Harold Peto when Iford Manor was his home from 1899-1933.
Our task was to erect 800m of 2m high deer netting with rabbit wire at the base which was dug into the ground to prevent animals trying to dig underneath. All on creosote posts.
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6th June 2020
Vermin-proof fence around the gardens at Iford Manor Vermin-proof fence around the gardens at Iford Manor Vermin-proof fence around the gardens at Iford Manor

Fence replacement near Avebury for Noremead 

Back again, this time to replace old stock and barbed wire fence past its best.  The Gourmet Goat Farmer breeds Does of Boer goats and can deliver locally.  See their web page or their Facebook page

The fence was approx 2000m in total, some sections of which had 3 strands of barbed wire.  The finished height of wire was 4ft.

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50m domestic close board 1.8m high in Westwood

Our task here was to replace a fence which adjoins a farmer’s field.  So we had first to liaise with the farmer to find the right time for when no cattle were in residence. We then had a considerable job in clearing a large amount of old timber and chainlink fence along with the old hedge, conifers and bushes.

The total fence was 50m long approx. x 1.8m close board.  Also included was a gate which now allows easy access to the field for the owners and their dogs.

May 2020

50m domestic close board Westwood

50m domestic close board Westwood

Replacing 3000m fencing at Bulford

Following the removal of 3000m of the old fence, it is time to start with replacement along the front of Bulford Firing Ranges to prevent access when live firing

So, our Evo 1 post driver came in useful to replace the 3000m fencing.

19 Feb 20

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Replacing 3000m fencing at Bulford

And here we add a few more pictures of the fencing complete as at mid-March.

1500m stock netting at Rollestone, on Salisbury Plain  

Not all tree-related work for us here at Conservation Contractors!

We’re still busy fencing away, and here was a stretch of 1500m stock netting to keep cattle in on 15-year posts with creosote strainers. On top of the HT stock netting,  we put 3 strands of barbed wire.

In case you wondered, a strainer post is the corner post – the larger ones that take the strain and the load-bearing parts of the fence!

18 Feb 2020

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