Tree Spade for hire

Not just cutting and pruning trees we can now move them!

Tree spades can facilitate the transplanting of trees very cost-effectively. We are now able to move medium sized trees up to 30 cm girth (measured at 20 cm up the trunk) for parks, private estates and landowners, golf and sports clubs using our Vermeer tractor-mounted Tree Spade.

The Tree Spade will create a root ball approx. 1 m x 1m at its largest points. You can then move your trees with ease and little disturbance; new areas of woodland or individual trees can be transplanted by one man and we have used the Tree Spade to thin woodlands and move the trees to other positions rather than felling.

Here’s our PDF giving you full information:  Tree Spade for hire Feb 2019

If of interest to hire, please go to our website and fill in the contact form and we will get in touch.

Tree spade for hire from Conservation Contractors


Footpath gates erected at Tidworth

Footpath gates erected at Tidworth as part of a larger fencing project to allow grazing and public access.

Our brief was to erect 500m of new barbed wire fence to allow grazing of cattle on chalk grassland to the rear of houses in Tidworth.  We then needed to erect new footpath gates to allow access for walkers while remaining cattle proof at the same time.   Jan 2019

Footpath gates erected at Tidworth

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