New Evo Compact

We picked up our new Evo Compact this morning to help the busy fencing teams and set it straight to work… collected,  unloaded and knocking posts in under 2 hours!

This is a smaller, more compact machine which allows us to transport it between sites behind a 4×4.  A miniature version of our Protech Evo 2.

New Evo Compact New Evo Comp;act

Valtra fitted with cab-mounted botex crane

To reduce manual handling and speed up timber and brash removal, we have added another Valtra tractor to the fleet, this time fitted with a roof-mounted Botex crane.

Our new Valtra is now ready for work with our tree teams –  or for hire if anyone wants any help extracting large timber.

This will also be able to power the mulcher and will be better suited as it is fitted with full forestry guarding to protect it against the rigours of contracting.

Valtra fitted with cab mounted botex

Woodland Fencing project in Savernake Forest, near Marlborough 

We are undertaking a large ongoing woodland project near Marlborough,  creating new fenced areas to allow grazing within Savernake Forest; this will allow cattle back into the ancient forest to help with its management. The fencing consists of 2 strands of barbed wire and a single strand of plain wire.

Woodland Project in Savernake Forest

Landscaping at Ticehurst

A spot of landscaping from last week at Ticehurst more pictures to follow…

Probably ‘spot’ is an understatement…. To fit around the existing trees of Corsican Pine, Turkey Oak, Atlas Cedar and English Oak, the plants included a selection of Acer, Betula, Catalpa, Quercus, Taxus baccata, Cornus, Prunus spinosa, Ilex aquifolium, Escalonia, Berberis Darwinii, Pyracantha, Eunonymous and hebe.

About 900 altogether ….

Landscaping at Ticehurst

Deer Fencing in Melksham

Deer Fencing is usually 1.8m galvanized wire, which is very strong and lightweight.  No barbed wire on top.  It allows you to protect your trees and shrubs from being eaten or being used to rub up against.

We have recently installed just under 800m of 2m high deer fencing in Melksham for a field crop trial site to prevent deer browsing and impacting on the trial results.  In addition to the fencing, we erected 4 gates to match.

For details of the many other different types of fencing we erect, please see here

Deer Fencing in Melksham Deer Fencing in Melksham Deer Fencing in Melksham Deer Fencing in Melksham Deer Fencing in Melksham