Bishops Cannings Cricket Club seeding preparation       22 Sept updated 19 October

Preparation for seeding at Bishops Cannings Cricket Club earlier in the week, following importing and levelling of soil to bring up outfield levels.

We were asked to level and seed the area and sow with sports mix grass seed.  Tristan spent a Saturday on the stone burier to get things level; seed was drilled today and rolled in.  Green in a couple of weeks – hopefully!

The final image shows the ‘after’ – “Bishops Cannings Cricket Club now have a green outfield again! Favourable weather has made a huge difference with the special grass seed mix growing well in the mild conditions.

Appleford School near Shrewton external works – fencing, parking and lighting August 2021

We have been very busy and trying to complete various external works projects during the school holidays. It has been difficult to source the materials, to say the least.

However, this project at a local school  near Shrewton was completed today – new Close Board fence, new and increased parking areas along with additional lighting.  All ready for the new term.

150m native hedging and 500 new trees planted in Lavington

Not only pruning and removing trees but planting as well!
100m of new, native hedging planted by Tad by hand yesterday in Easterton, near Devizes.
The planting mix was 80% hawthorn with the remainder made up of spindle, dog rose and hazel – no blackthorn as there will be horses in the field in the future.
Hawthorn in hedging has a lot of great seasonal features including haws, hips, nuts, flowers and sloes, so white flowers in the spring. And then the berries and nuts will attract a diverse range of wildlife.
Update Dec 2020: The 100m continued to 150m of the new native hedging, as well as 500 new trees – a mixture of oak, beech, rowan, spindle and cherry.  As with the hedging, all the trees were planted by Tad by hand.  

The field was purchased in addition to the house and the owners wanted to create a woodland in years to come.  The trees were part-funded by The Woodland Trust.

Landscaping at Ticehurst

A spot of landscaping from last week at Ticehurst more pictures to follow…

Probably ‘spot’ is an understatement…. To fit around the existing trees of Corsican Pine, Turkey Oak, Atlas Cedar and English Oak, the plants included a selection of Acer, Betula, Catalpa, Quercus, Taxus baccata, Cornus, Prunus spinosa, Ilex aquifolium, Escalonia, Berberis Darwinii, Pyracantha, Eunonymous and hebe.

About 900 altogether ….

Landscaping at Ticehurst