Our Tree Spade in action on the Alscot Estate near Stratford on Avon. January 2021

Just under 10 years ago,  the Alscot Estate created a new plantation consisting of British Oak, Hornbeam and Silver Birch. This week they started to transfer some of the established oak trees from the wood to other locations on the Estate for which task they hired our Tree Spade.

“The trees are dug up with the aid of a mechanical tree spade. The spade collects the roots in its existing soil, which supports the stem and allows it to be transported and planted, with minimum stress, into a hole dug by the same spade, to exactly the same size. The trees will be moved to various locations across the estate for a variety of reasons and purposes including, the thickening of existing woodlands and hedgerows, the creation of boundaries, cover and screens and to create habitats for wildlife”.

MEWPs or Cherry Pickers

We have now added a 3rd MEWP to our fleet.

It’s a Tracked Teupen 23GT with a working height of up to 23m – compact but with a great working height.

It’s ideal for quick, efficient jobs. It is especially suited for job sites that provide little space and require great working heights. It has a variable and quick multi-position stabilising system, 180-degree rotatable basket and flexible, articulated boom.   For full details please see here 

23-m tracked MEWPAnd for details of our three MEWPS please see our web page on our MEWPS here

Savernake Forest post installation for the Forestry Commission

The first task on our new Forestry Commission fence framework contract for the SW of England:  installing posts to prevent cars from being parked on the access roads in Savernake Forest.
The Forest stands on a Cretaceous chalk plateau between Marlborough and Great Bedwyn in Wiltshire; its area is approximately 4,500 acres.

See details of some of the other types of fencing work we undertake here.

Savernake Forest post installation for the Forestry Commission