1500m stock netting at Rollestone, on Salisbury Plain  

Not all tree-related work for us here at Conservation Contractors!

We’re still busy fencing away, and here was a stretch of 1500m stock netting to keep cattle in on 15-year posts with creosote strainers. On top of the HT stock netting,  we put 3 strands of barbed wire.

In case you wondered, a strainer post is the corner post – the larger ones that take the strain and the load-bearing parts of the fence!

18 Feb 2020

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Tree take-down in Corsham– with just a tad more of a challenge than usual!

Catching up on some storm-damaged trees – only the tricky ones left;  this multi-stem ash presented an initial challenge in a private rear garden.
Can’t climb
can’t fell
no access!

So then, we had to fell at ground level very carefully.

Should the owners have had a survey done?  Yes, most definitely. But it was in a private rear garden and this just didn’t happen…

18th Feb 2020

Tree take down in Corsham Tree take down in Corsham

Beech tree take down – when you put your man cave under a tree that is past its best…

Just outside Blandford in Dorset, the building crushed was a converted shepherd’s hut.  The tree was a very large beech which had looked unhealthy last year.

The poor access due to the weather conditions presented us with certain challenges. Although we had a lot of large timber to move, this was made easier with the timber crane, aka the Valtra tractor with the crane/grab on the roof.  The timber stayed locally for firewood.  All in a day’s work…

Here’s a link to the info about the Valtra.

6th Feb 2020

Beech tree take down Feb 2020 Beech tree take down Beech tree take down Beech tree take down Beech tree take down

Dismantling a fallen willow tree across a remote footbridge near Chippenham

Oh Dear…. Today’s tricky one all done safely by Antony, Jamie, Garry and Len.

Here was a fallen willow tree across a remote footbridge over a watercourse.  We dismantled the tree by climbing with rope and harness.  There was no way of getting anything else to the site as it was across several wet fields.  04 Feb 2020