Reduction to decayed beech tree  

Reduction to a decayed beech tree to try and retain for a few more years and provide habitat in the meantime;  but, our 26m MEWP was not quite enough reach for the top.

Access was tight, but a great job was done by all involved over the two days.

For further information about our MEWPS, please click here

21 January 2023

MEWPs or Cherry Pickers

We have now added a 3rd MEWP to our fleet.

It’s a Tracked Teupen 23GT with a working height of up to 23m – compact but with a great working height.

It’s ideal for quick, efficient jobs. It is especially suited for job sites that provide little space and require great working heights. It has a variable and quick multi-position stabilising system, 180-degree rotatable basket and flexible, articulated boom.   For full details please see here 

23-m tracked MEWPAnd for details of our three MEWPS please see our web page on our MEWPS here

Walnut Take Down

Takedown today of a 25 feet walnut tree in Westwood, where disease had spread top down to about one-third of the height of the tree.  We chipped all the smaller branches and then the trunk was cut into logs for enthusiastic woodturners.

We then ground out the roots and planted a Betula McBeath adjacent to where the walnut had stood, supplied by Downside Nurseries in Upper Westwood.

Full details of all the tree work we undertake can be found on our website page here and for Tree Surveys please see here

walnut tree take down tidy upWalnut tree take down

Crown lifting of 30 Beech trees on the A338 Bodenham Bypass

Our work here was to undertake crown lifting of 30 beech trees in the central reservation of the A338 Bodenham Bypass dual carriageway between Salisbury and Downton.

We crown lifted to 3m over the central reservation and 5m over the carriageway. They weren’t particularly big trees but were impacting on visibility along the duel carriageway; thus the work needed full traffic management and crash protection. We needed a large team of 5 to get all the works completed in a day

Crown lifting or crown raising can be defined as the removal of the lowest branches and/or preparing of lower branches for future removal.  Again, an effective method of increasing light transmission to areas closer to the tree.  Have you spotted our tree work definitions on the website?  Check them out here. 


Lime tree reduction in Calne for WCC

Here we reduced 46 lime trees up to 30m in height.  WCC had obtained an initial tree survey from another contractor but we were the only contractor with the correct machinery to undertake the works in a safe and timely manner.  To make the work more interesting, the site also contained a number of powerlines and an electric sub-station, so power lines were covered, and the sub-station protected prior to starting.  And, there was the additional challenge of the trees being adjacent to a school so half-term came into play as well!!   All in a day’s work…

lime tree reduction in Calne for WCClime tree reduction in Calne for WCC lime tree reduction in Calne for WCC