Hedge trimming at National Trust Avebury

Trimming of National Trust Hedges at Avebury within the garden of The Manor – a mixture of yew and box.

We also needed to undertake some reductions and adjustments to the topiary,  as well as lots of straight hedges – excellent job by Tad & Garry.

Here’s the link to Avebury – open again after 18th February.

Hedge trimming at Clyffe Hall in Lavington

Back to finish off some hedge trimming that required a little more reach at Clyffe Hall in Lavington!  We had been there earlier when we cut all the formal hedges in the gardens, but could not reach the larger yews.  So a return visit with our ‘red’ 23m tracked MEWP was needed so we could finish the job.
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Hedge trimming at Clyffe Hall hedge trimming at Clyffe Hall hedge trimming at Clyffe Hall

Hornbeam hedging in Avebury Trusloe

Tad and Matty have been planting Hornbeam hedging in Avebury Trusloe –  a few hundred metres to improve the garden boundary

Trusloe is a Street in the village of Avebury Trusloe which measures approximately 189 metres long.

Hornbeams are hardwood trees in the flowering plant genus Carpinus in the birch family Betulaceae. The 30–40 species occur across much of the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

Hornbeam-hedging-in-Avebury-Trusloe Hornbeam-hedging-in-Avebury-Trusloe

150m native hedging and 500 new trees planted in Lavington

Not only pruning and removing trees but planting as well!
100m of new, native hedging planted by Tad by hand yesterday in Easterton, near Devizes.
The planting mix was 80% hawthorn with the remainder made up of spindle, dog rose and hazel – no blackthorn as there will be horses in the field in the future.
Hawthorn in hedging has a lot of great seasonal features including haws, hips, nuts, flowers and sloes, so white flowers in the spring. And then the berries and nuts will attract a diverse range of wildlife.
Update Dec 2020: The 100m continued to 150m of the new native hedging, as well as 500 new trees – a mixture of oak, beech, rowan, spindle and cherry.  As with the hedging, all the trees were planted by Tad by hand.  

The field was purchased in addition to the house and the owners wanted to create a woodland in years to come.  The trees were part-funded by The Woodland Trust.

Roadside hedging at West Lavington

Our last post for 2019:  Our task here was to remove some scrubbing roadside hedging on the nasty S bends on the main Devizes to Salisbury Road at West Lavington.  The job was made very much easier by the lack of traffic.  It was unable to be done by hand so needed the tractor and flail time.

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Roadside hedging at West Lavington