Tiny Forest Scheme across Wiltshire

A small plot fenced in Swindon today by Tristan and Tad as part of the Tiny Forest scheme across Wiltshire.

“A Tiny Forest consists of 600 native trees such as Oak, Lime, Elm, Hawthorn and Hazel which will be densely planted in a tennis court-sized plot of land. A Tiny Forest provides accessible green space and facilitates an outdoor classroom for communities to reconnect with nature”.

Tiny Forest Scheme across WiltshireTiny Forest Scheme across Wiltshire

150m native hedging and 500 new trees planted in Lavington

Not only pruning and removing trees but planting as well!
100m of new, native hedging planted by Tad by hand yesterday in Easterton, near Devizes.
The planting mix was 80% hawthorn with the remainder made up of spindle, dog rose and hazel – no blackthorn as there will be horses in the field in the future.
Hawthorn in hedging has a lot of great seasonal features including haws, hips, nuts, flowers and sloes, so white flowers in the spring. And then the berries and nuts will attract a diverse range of wildlife.
Update Dec 2020: The 100m continued to 150m of the new native hedging, as well as 500 new trees – a mixture of oak, beech, rowan, spindle and cherry.  As with the hedging, all the trees were planted by Tad by hand.  

The field was purchased in addition to the house and the owners wanted to create a woodland in years to come.  The trees were part-funded by The Woodland Trust.