Reducing 10 Cedar trees at Roundway Park, Devizes

Our new blue 26’ MEWP is coming in handy and making work safer and quicker.

Our task here was to remove dead wood and reduce 10 TPO protected Cedar trees each approx. 120 ft high in part of the old parkland at Roundway House.

Cedars are often seen planted in the grounds of old large houses, coming from a hotter drier climate they can be destroyed by snow which can sit on the branches and cause them to break.

Reducing 10 Cedar trees at Roundway Park, DevizesReducing 10 Cedar trees at Roundway Park, Devizes

Removal of 40×100’ Ash Trees, Cholderton

This was the start of a 2-week stint on the A338 at Cholderton for WCC Highways.  Our task was to remove and cut back 40 ash trees which had grown to 100 feet and which were all dying with Ash Dieback.  Because of this disease, the trees were dangerous and had to be removed.

Here’s a link to the Woodland Trust’s page on Ash Dieback.

Removal of 40x100’ Ash Trees, Cholderton Removal of 40x100’ Ash Trees, Cholderton

Roadside hedging at West Lavington

Our last post for 2019:  Our task here was to remove some scrubbing roadside hedging on the nasty S bends on the main Devizes to Salisbury Road at West Lavington.  The job was made very much easier by the lack of traffic.  It was unable to be done by hand so needed the tractor and flail time.

See our web page for all our tree and hedging services here. 

Roadside hedging at West Lavington

Removal of large conifers in Potterne 

Here our task was to remove a large group of mature leylandii close to main high voltage lines.  This needed a power shutdown to be able to work safely.  The work had taken three months’ planning due to a nursing home being on the same powerline and for which a generator was needed to maintain power to the home.

The work was made easier with the new 26’ MEWP.  For more info on both our MEWPs see the details on our website here.


A few minor running repairs to our Unimog on a Saturday

Just routine works, but the cab needed to be jacked up for access.

This is our Unimog with a woodchipper on the back with a 1.5-ton capacity.  So, who can remember the origin of this odd name?

“The Unimog is a range of multi-purpose auto four-wheel drive medium trucks produced by Mercedes-Benz, The word is an acronym for the German “UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät”, Gerät being the German word for a device (also in the sense of machine, instrument, gear, apparatus)”.   There, you needed to know that!


Crown lifting of 30 Beech trees on the A338 Bodenham Bypass

Our work here was to undertake crown lifting of 30 beech trees in the central reservation of the A338 Bodenham Bypass dual carriageway between Salisbury and Downton.

We crown lifted to 3m over the central reservation and 5m over the carriageway. They weren’t particularly big trees but were impacting on visibility along the duel carriageway; thus the work needed full traffic management and crash protection. We needed a large team of 5 to get all the works completed in a day

Crown lifting or crown raising can be defined as the removal of the lowest branches and/or preparing of lower branches for future removal.  Again, an effective method of increasing light transmission to areas closer to the tree.  Have you spotted our tree work definitions on the website?  Check them out here.