Tree Spade for hire in 2019

Just to give you the heads up that we will have a Tree Spade for hire next year.  You can hire it directly with or without a suitable tractor and operator to move those trees!

But first it requires a spell in our workshop before being ready for use, so if of interest, do give us a call.  It fits a tractor’s 3-point linkage.

Tree spade for hire in 2019

Timber Firing Points, Warminster Ranges

Our original Facebook post at the beginning of November showed that we were making a number of these. We mentioned the fact that they would be painted cream in and concreted to the ground.   But we didn’t get many replies as to what they would be used for, so we thought you’d like to know the answer!

They are in fact timber firing points we installed at Warminster Ranges, all made in-house.  And they had to be painted country cream as they didn’t want bright white.

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timber firing points Warminster Ranges

Palisade Fencing Devizes

Our project here was to supply and erect 300m of 2m high palisade fencing for Cross Engineering in Devizes.

Palisade fence panels are the most popular choice for locations today requiring a high level of security and vandal resistance.

Steel palisade fencing is usually the first choice for schools, utility installations and industrial sites. This is because of its high damage resistance and the fact that it is so difficult to climb.

December 2018

For details of other types of fencing we undertake please see here

Palisade Fencing Devizes

Pond refurbishment Marston

Another one for our Everything Else section of the website!

A recent pond refurbishment with 15 years of silt and leaf mould removed.  We retained some water and all the fish and then laid a new liner.  The pond was then refilled to which we added the retained water to get the microbes started.

To see some more examples of our work which isn’t tree surgery, tree surveys or fencing, please see here.

Pond refurbishment


Dismantle Lime trees, Bishops Cannings

Here’s a 30-second video of one of a pair of time trees coming down in Bishops Cannings at the beginning of November.  The trees were healthy in themselves but had grown to a height of 100 feet.  The roots were undermining the buildings which were planned for a change of use in the near future so needed to be removed.

Lime trees are one of the most iconic British trees forming lined avenues on grand houses and estates.  There is even a circle of trees planted in Pewsey, Wiltshire that are still alive and healthy today, designed so that duellers could get some privacy from onlookers when in action!

For details of our tree surgery work please see here and for our tree surveys, here


Reduction and crown lifting to two large oak trees in Trowbridge Cemetery

Trowbridge Cemetery today for Rich and Steve reducing and crown lifting two large oaks.

These trees were in the centre of the cemetery and were impeding access and also touching the chapel building.  The trees were probably there before the first Trowbridge resident and just required a little TLC to ensure longevity.

November 2018

For further information about our tree work please see here and about tree surveys here

Reduction and crown lifting to two large oak trees in Trowbridge Cemetery


Demarcation Posts Salisbury Plain

Something different today.  Our job was to erect demarcation posts to mark an ancient monument and protect rare thistle plants on Salisbury Plain.
It took 575 m of posts, 1m apart, then painted with ‘hi-viz’ tops.  Now apparently this is tank proof – the posts are just a visual barrier to prevent vehicles from getting into the area in the middle.

Oct 2018

Demarcation posts Salisbury Plain Oct 2018