Tiny Forest Scheme across Wiltshire

A small plot fenced in Swindon today by Tristan and Tad as part of the Tiny Forest scheme across Wiltshire.

“A Tiny Forest consists of 600 native trees such as Oak, Lime, Elm, Hawthorn and Hazel which will be densely planted in a tennis court-sized plot of land. A Tiny Forest provides accessible green space and facilitates an outdoor classroom for communities to reconnect with nature”.

Tiny Forest Scheme across WiltshireTiny Forest Scheme across Wiltshire

Pollarding an avenue of Lime Trees in West Lavington

What a difference a week makes –  storms and strong winds delayed the start to a lime avenue pollarding project in West Lavington.

Great work by all involved  –  2 MEWPS do make it safe and much easier.

See here for details of the MEWPs used by Conservation Contractors

We finally were able to get back to finish the pollards in West Lavington once the school had broken up for Easter. The recent high winds delayed the start of the project
Great job by all involved.