Conservation Contractors Newsletter issued 28 April 2023

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With the driest February for 30 years followed by the wettest March in England since 1981, I think it is safe to say it has been a challenge recently to get jobs completed or in some cases even started! We are very grateful for your patience and understanding.

As trees come into leaf, it will be a good time to undertake safety surveys, especially if you have ash trees present in your portfolio.  We are still finding trees with no signs of the disease, so there may still be hope that the landscape may not be devoid of ash trees going forward; however, time will tell.

The King’s Coronation will be a chance to see this spectacle for the first time in my lifetime. And, who knows,I may see another one if I’m lucky!

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5’ high  post and rail fence

5’ high  post and rail fence

Part of a larger fencing project, a 5ft (1.45m) high post and rail fence as part of a cattle handling unit.   We have been fencing for The Gourmet Goat Farmer at Avebury (or on Facebook here) constructing a new cattle handling unit.  In addition, we’ve carried out various other fence repairs and replacements prior to livestock going out for summer grazing – if spring arrives!

5' high post and rail fence5' high post and rail fence5' high post and rail fence5' high post and rail fence