Security Fencing

Security Fencing

2.4m Security Fencing

  • Palisade fencing
  • Erecting a Faraday cage
  • 358 Prison spec mesh fencing
  • Chain link fencing

Palisade Fencing

The most popular choice for locations requiring a high level of security and vandal resistance.  Steel palisade fencing is usually the first choice for utility installations and industrial sites. This is because of its high damage resistance and the fact that it is so difficult to climb.

Two horizontal rails are usually used as standard for palisade fencing up to 3.0m and palisade fencing is generally available from between 0.9m to 4.0m in height.   We tend to use the triple-pointed head style for our palisade fencing.  This style of fencing does, however, definitely communicate a ‘do not enter here’ message, so not so popular with schools and care homes or locations where you are ‘inviting’ people to be there.

Our project here was to supply and erect 300m of 2m high palisade fencing for Cross Engineering in Devizes

Erecting a Faraday cage around an electricity transformer

A Faraday Cage is a metal construction that prevents electricity from entering it.  We were asked to erect palisade fencing around an electricity transformer for a Utilities client.  Given the nature of the transformer and metal security fence, it then becomes a Faraday Cage, so the electricians had to earth the fence.  As we understand the science (and we are not experts), this metal construction can help protect vital equipment from lightning strikes and other electromagnetic pulse (EMP) interference.

Examples of Security Fencing

358 Prison Mesh Fencing

358 Security Mesh is incredibly strong and is the ideal solution for a wide variety of high-security perimeter and access control applications.  The mesh is made from 75mm x 12.5mm x 4mm galvanised material and polyester-coated welded mesh fabric. Whilst its main use is for Utility companies, prisons, secure units and high security needs, it can also be used for schools as the look of 358 mesh is not as “hostile” as Palisade.  It is:

  • Climb resistant – its tiny spaces and welds at each intersection eliminate foot and finger holds, and also stops objects being passed through
  • Very effective against the use of hand cutting tools
  • Comes in standard heights from 2m up to 6m
  • It comes in a variety of colours, with green and black being most popular.
  • Pre-Galvanisation and Powder Coating is available as standard, meaning that the fence and gates are protected against the development of rust.
  • Powder Coating is also available in various RAL colours so you are able to co-ordinate your fencing to your surroundings, whilst giving it a smooth and sophisticated finish.

Security Chain Link Fencing

Lightweight, cost-effective, chain link fencing is much less visually hostile than many other types of security fencing and is often therefore used at playgrounds and tennis courts.  It is available from 0.9m to 3.6m and is a very rigid arrangement.  There are options we can discuss of thicker wire diameters and bolt down systems, PVC coated wire or galvanised steel

We have erected a lot of chain link fencing throughout Avonmouth, Bristol and Weston for Utility companies to protect their plant, pumping stations and sewage treatment areas with and without barbed wire on top. We have also erected chain link fencing with barbed wire on the top for another Utility company

Here's some examples of our Security Fencing work

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