Valtra fitted with cab-mounted Botex crane

Valtra Tractor with cab-mounted Botex Crane

To reduce manual handling and speed up timber and brash removal, we have added another Valtra tractor to the fleet, this time fitted with a roof-mounted Botex crane.

Our Valtra is now ready for work with our tree teams –  or for hire if anyone wants any help extracting large timber. This will also be able to power the mulcher and will be better suited as it is fitted with full forestry guarding to protect it against the rigours of contracting.

If you’re interested please call us on 07889 461 358, complete the contact form on the website or email with an outline of your requirements.

Valtra Tractor with Botex Crane

Details of other work involving use of our MEWPs and other vehiclescan be found on our news page here

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