Conservation Contractors Newsletter issued 28 April 2023

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With the driest February for 30 years followed by the wettest March in England since 1981, I think it is safe to say it has been a challenge recently to get jobs completed or in some cases even started! We are very grateful for your patience and understanding.

As trees come into leaf, it will be a good time to undertake safety surveys, especially if you have ash trees present in your portfolio.  We are still finding trees with no signs of the disease, so there may still be hope that the landscape may not be devoid of ash trees going forward; however, time will tell.

The King’s Coronation will be a chance to see this spectacle for the first time in my lifetime. And, who knows,I may see another one if I’m lucky!

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Permacrisis?  What Permacrisis… Read our latest newsletter

Permacrisis?  What Permacrisis…

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MEWPs or Cherry Pickers

We have now added a 3rd MEWP to our fleet.

It’s a Tracked Teupen 23GT with a working height of up to 23m – compact but with a great working height.

It’s ideal for quick, efficient jobs. It is especially suited for job sites that provide little space and require great working heights. It has a variable and quick multi-position stabilising system, 180-degree rotatable basket and flexible, articulated boom.   For full details please see here 

23-m tracked MEWPAnd for details of our three MEWPS please see our web page on our MEWPS here

Site clearance in Westbury for next 2 weeks so needed the big toys to speed up the job!

Linden Homes are building a new development at Westbury by the station. So as to avoid disturbing nesting birds we needed to cut and chip large volumes of scrub and over-mature thorn and hedging. This was cut to a height of one metre and chipped on site.

The next phase will be to winching up and removing the trees from the lake and reducing larger oak trees, along with fitting cable bracing.

Reduction and crown lifting to two large oak trees in Trowbridge Cemetery

Trowbridge Cemetery today for Rich and Steve reducing and crown lifting two large oaks.

These trees were in the centre of the cemetery and were impeding access and also touching the chapel building.  The trees were probably there before the first Trowbridge resident and just required a little TLC to ensure longevity.

November 2018

For further information about our tree work please see here and about tree surveys here

Reduction and crown lifting to two large oak trees in Trowbridge Cemetery