Roadside hedging at West Lavington

Our last post for 2019:  Our task here was to remove some scrubbing roadside hedging on the nasty S bends on the main Devizes to Salisbury Road at West Lavington.  The job was made very much easier by the lack of traffic.  It was unable to be done by hand so needed the tractor and flail time.

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Roadside hedging at West Lavington

Removal of large conifers in Potterne 

Here our task was to remove a large group of mature leylandii close to main high voltage lines.  This needed a power shutdown to be able to work safely.  The work had taken three months’ planning due to a nursing home being on the same powerline and for which a generator was needed to maintain power to the home.

The work was made easier with the new 26’ MEWP.  For more info on both our MEWPs see the details on our website here.