Footpath gates erected at Tidworth

Footpath gates erected at Tidworth as part of a larger fencing project to allow grazing and public access.

Our brief was to erect 500m of new barbed wire fence to allow grazing of cattle on chalk grassland to the rear of houses in Tidworth.  We then needed to erect new footpath gates to allow access for walkers while remaining cattle proof at the same time.   Jan 2019

Footpath gates erected at Tidworth

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Newt Fencing

Newt fencing this week as part of the expansion to Tidworth Garrison for Aspire – several 100m worth of it!   It’s been erected to allow more building and expansion of the garrisons as troops return to Salisbury Plain.

It’s a simple plastic barrier trenched into the ground by 6in to stop reptiles burying underneath and approx. 3ft high with a rolled top to prevent anything climbing up and over.  It is erected where protected wildlife are likely to enter a construction site and be harmed, usually European Protected species.


April 2018

Newt-fencing-in-Tidworth Newt-fencing-in-Tidworth Newt-fencing-in-Tidworth

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