Cleft Sweet Chestnut fence around a lake near Devizes

A couple of jobs this week:
  • A Cleft sweet chestnut fence around a lake near Devizes and
  • a guard rail fence was repaired in Westbury
All with no raincoat required !! 
March 2024
Cleft rail fences, also known as chestnut fences, are constructed using split logs. We used 2.4m. Commonly, these logs have pre-shaped ends that fit snugly into mortices in the fence posts. This design allows the rails to slot into the timber posts easily.  Sweet chestnut does not require any treatment to help improve its lifespan –  the timber contains natural preservatives.  There is no industry standard for the length of the logs given their curved and bendy nature.
cleft sweet chestnut fence around lake

New Spiderlift 23m tracked Cherry Picker/MEWP

Here are some images of our new Spiderlift 23m tracked Cherry Picker/MEWP/aerial platform.

We were working for Devizes Town Council to reduce a large 30m Oak Tree within Hillworth Park, Devizes

Full details of our new MEWP will be posted on our website shortly.   It is available for hire.  Just contact William for details. 

150m native hedging and 500 new trees planted in Lavington

Not only pruning and removing trees but planting as well!
100m of new, native hedging planted by Tad by hand yesterday in Easterton, near Devizes.
The planting mix was 80% hawthorn with the remainder made up of spindle, dog rose and hazel – no blackthorn as there will be horses in the field in the future.
Hawthorn in hedging has a lot of great seasonal features including haws, hips, nuts, flowers and sloes, so white flowers in the spring. And then the berries and nuts will attract a diverse range of wildlife.
Update Dec 2020: The 100m continued to 150m of the new native hedging, as well as 500 new trees – a mixture of oak, beech, rowan, spindle and cherry.  As with the hedging, all the trees were planted by Tad by hand.  

The field was purchased in addition to the house and the owners wanted to create a woodland in years to come.  The trees were part-funded by The Woodland Trust.

Reducing 10 Cedar trees at Roundway Park, Devizes

Our new blue 26’ MEWP is coming in handy and making work safer and quicker.

Our task here was to remove dead wood and reduce 10 TPO protected Cedar trees each approx. 120 ft high in part of the old parkland at Roundway House.

Cedars are often seen planted in the grounds of old large houses, coming from a hotter drier climate they can be destroyed by snow which can sit on the branches and cause them to break.

Reducing 10 Cedar trees at Roundway Park, DevizesReducing 10 Cedar trees at Roundway Park, Devizes

Palisade Fencing Devizes

Our project here was to supply and erect 300m of 2m high palisade fencing for Cross Engineering in Devizes.

Palisade fence panels are the most popular choice for locations today requiring a high level of security and vandal resistance.

Steel palisade fencing is usually the first choice for schools, utility installations and industrial sites. This is because of its high damage resistance and the fact that it is so difficult to climb.

December 2018

For details of other types of fencing we undertake please see here

Palisade Fencing Devizes