Tree and hedge reduction and pollard in Glastonbury, Nov 2017

A trip to Glastonbury this week for an overdue pollard and hedge cut along the main road –
Before and after shots

There were two limes 70ft high,  pollarded to 3 m at the previous pollard points; the hedge was a mix of all sorts of native species and was 70m long.

All to allow light and sun to reach the building.

tree-hedge-reduction-pollard-glastonbury-nov-2017A trip to Glastonbury this week for a overdue pollard and hedge cut along the main rd Before and after

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Hedge trimming at Manton, Marlborough

We undertook 600m of 8-12ft high Beech hedge trimming at Manton, Marlborough.  The hedge was around the formal gardens, with poor access and tender lawns,  so all the work was done by hand with just a hedge trimmer;  well four actually and using our MEWP where possible!

For details of our tree and hedge surgery capabilities please see our web page here.

Hedge trimming at Manton, Marlborough

60m hedge reduction Worton, Devizes

The pictures show us half-way through a large reduction on a 60m hedge which had grown to 65′ in Worton Village, Devizes.  Following the unusually high winds in May, several branches had broken off and there was a further risk of more damage, so permission was sought from Wiltshire County Council as the hedge/trees were within a conservation area.

The work was then scheduled, needing our large cherry picker, and we recycled all the chip and timber locally.

60m Hedge reduction Worton Devizes
Hedge reduction Worton Devizes
60m Hedge reduction Worton, Devizes
Hedge reduction Worton, Devizes