Hire Services: Cherry Picker/MEWP

Mobile Elevated Work Platform

Cherry Pickers are elevated work platform, also known as MEWPS (mobile elevated work platforms), boom lift, articulating boom, man lift, basket crane or hydra-ladder.  It's a platform or bucket at the end of a hydraulic lifting system

Conservation Contractors are pleased to offer access hire for an off-road 4x4 Land Rover Cherry Picker with a working height of up to 14m

Operated by qualified staff or self-drive (on proof of your own insurance and safety certification) Day/half-day or weekly rates available

Cherry pickers were originally designed for use in orchards  where they are still used frequently.   Nowadays, though, there are so many other uses - here are just a few:

  • High-up outdoor construction & industrial applications
  • Building works, mining
  • Maintenance - cleaning, gutter clearance, window, roof and chimney repairs
  • Exterior painting and decorating
  • Christmas light displays
  • Film and TV industry, often suspending large lights above sets when not on a soundstage

Matt reducing oak in Chippenham July 2014

  • MEWP2 Dismantle 2 x 24m high decaying Acacia Trees in London Road Devizes
  • MEWPThe new 26m Cherry Picker Bradford on Avon Nov 2014
  • MEWPOak tree half way with MEWP and lorry Boa lightning strike Sept 14
  • MEWPDismantling a series of 120’ Poplar trees in Salisbury
  • MEWPMatt reducing oak in Chippenham July 2014
  • MEWPHedge reduction 60m which had grown to 65' Worton Village Devizes

Details of other work involving use of our MEWPs can be found on our news page here

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