Replacing trees as well

We do replace the trees we cut down!

We were in Potterne today replacing some trees within a plantation that had died –  oak, cherry, spindle and field maple.

670 trees in total.

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March 2018

Planting 670 trees Potterne

Removal of 30 cherry trees Marlborough

Removal of 30 cherry trees, Marlborough

Rich, Geoff and Simon spent a week at Temple Estate in Marlborough at the end of October. They undertook a variety of jobs which included reducing the number of trees on the driveway. The original planting had alternate lime and cherry trees, but now there was no longer space for both. So the decision was taken to remove the 30 cherry trees and their stumps so that the lime trees could thrive better.

More tree and general clearance work was also undertaken to make way for a house extension…  See the avenue of limes below.

Removal of 30 cherry trees, Marlborough

Removal of 30 cherry trees, Marlborough