Rock spiking in the rain in Winsley

Following long delays, our clients recently took possession of their small holding at Winsley, with 10 acres of unkept land and gardens to secure mainly to keep livestock and young children out of harm’s way.

Here’s Tristan Warden rock spiking before driving in posts for goat fencing at Bradford on Avon using our Protech Evo 3 to drive the posts. The hydraulic rock spike on this Post Driver is just the job for rocky and solid ground, using it to make a pilot hole first.

 We have erected a mixture of 60m x 4ft picket fencing around the house. We also fitted a mixture of goat and stock fencing in the paddocks, all on creosote timber posts for longevity- 500m stock fencing 1.2m high, with gates, with one strand of barbed wire on top. 

Here’s the link to our section on Stock Fencing on the website.