Chippenham Equestrian Project update

December 2017 before Christmas:

Coming on apace with the new equestrian project in Chippenham.  The stables and horse walker are going in this week,  together with 400 m of native hedge for screening and 300 m of mains power trenched and connected.

Native hedges are quite simply hedges that have developed in an area naturally over thousands of years and continues to thrive,  There are many extremely popular hedges that are native to us here in the UK such as box, beech and hornbeam, as well as alder buckthorn, hazel, guilder rose, spindle, dogwood, holly, dog rose, wild privet, Hawthorn.  Native hedges are also beneficial to the local eco systems, acting as the perfect shelter for local wildlife.  Yew is poisonous for horses so would not be used in this instance.

Coming on a pace with the new equestrian project