358 Security Mesh fencing – as a rat deterrent?

Typically, 358 Security Mesh is the ideal solution for a wide variety of high-security perimeter and access control applications…The mesh is made from 75mm x 12.5mm x 4mm galvanised material and polyester-coated welded mesh fabric and is

  • Climb resistant – its tiny spaces and welds at each intersection eliminate foot and finger holds and also stops objects being passed through
  • Very effective against the use of hand cutting tools
  • Comes in standard heights from 2m up to 6m

We had to replace 55m of 25-year old fencing along 3 sides of a garden, two of which had a footpath running along the outside.  Because of the footpath, fields on the other side and the fact the householder wanted to continue feeding the birds, our solution for endeavouring to keep any rats at bay was to break up some of our high security 358 prison mesh into 30 cms strips and fix to the gravel board  at the bottom of the fence into a channel we had dug. This then was then back-filled with the soil so the green mesh is scarcely visible.  So hopefully this will do the job.  The mesh is galvanized and green plastic coated.

“Delighted with the work from William and his team.  Really nice, hard-working, professional guys who talk things through with you, keeping you informed.  Great job done and I love the mesh idea. Just brilliant.  Thank you”.  Debbie Newman

The first picture below is how you would more normally see this mesh being used.  Some work we undertook in Blandford in the summer for Wessex Water.  Then a close up of how the mesh really looks, and finally how it is in situ fixed to the gravel board.

  • 2.4 m high security fencing Blandford June 2017Security mesh propped up on fenceIMG_3528Security mesh as strips fixed to fencing IMG_3522

Oh, and the fence looks good too!

Rear fence beforeFence going uprear fence Dec 2017