Palisade Fencing Devizes

Our project here was to supply and erect 300m of 2m high palisade fencing for Cross Engineering in Devizes.

Palisade fence panels are the most popular choice for locations today requiring a high level of security and vandal resistance.

Steel palisade fencing is usually the first choice for schools, utility installations and industrial sites. This is because of its high damage resistance and the fact that it is so difficult to climb.

December 2018

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Palisade Fencing Devizes

Close board fencing and hardwood iroko timber gates in Marlborough

Our client had just purchased the house in Marlborough and our brief was to make the garden dog-proof and a little more private with a small length of close board fencing (8m). In addition, we installed new hardwood iroko timber gates and oak posts; curved heel is the higher side of the gate to give a diagonal brace –  just different! And we created an area to make a secluded bin store.   Iroko is a highly durable timber with a medium oily texture.  It is frequently referred to as African Teak due to its durability and appearance.

Palisade Fence for a utility site in Mere

Today was part of a refurb to erect a palisade fence for a utility site in Mere around a water tank, to give added security.  Mere lies at the southwestern tip of Salisbury Plain.

We had previously taken down the high palisade fence in the spring to allow works in and around the area, and now it is being put back in place.  The fence was 30m long x 3.6m high palisade with electric wires taking the overall height up to 4.8m, and there was an access gate.

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Palisade Fence for a utility site in MerePalisade Fence for a utility site in Mere


Protech Evo2 tracked self-propelled post driver’s first service

Our Protech has clocked up 700 hours in just over 12 months, so an oil change and some TLC was in order as the ground has been harder than usual these last months.

Then off for 1200m  more stock fencing at Noremead  (remember the pictures with the goats?) – and some repairs.


Protech Evo2 tracked self-propelled post driver’s first service Protech Evo2 tracked self-propelled post driver’s first service

Galvanised Estate fencing Salisbury Plain

Here we erected 200m old style galvanized estate fencing for a client at Chitterne, in the middle of Salisbury Plain.  We had to erect into hard chalk with the aid of a rock spike and then concrete in.  The galvanized fencing was chosen to set off the house and new retaining wall at Valley Farm, and because using galvanized gives longevity.

18 June 2018

Galvanised estate fencing Salisbury Plain Galvanised estate fencing Salisbury Plain Galvanised estate fencing Salisbury Plain

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6000 m contract for new shooting enterprise near Blandford

Off we go again…. We’re starting a 6000m contract for a new shooting enterprise near Blandford, Dorset.  Our project is to fit stock netting fencing for a new landowner in Blandford, at a Dorset Estate,  fencing footpath and bridleways across the Estate as part of a large project.

stock netting fencing - 6000 m contract for new shooting enterprise near Blandford

18 June 2018

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Stock Fencing on the edge of Marlborough Downs to keep the goats in!

Nothing likes to test our fence more than the goats at Noremead, where we have been repairing fences and adding new stock fencing prior to and during spring turnout.

We erected some 250m new stock fencing on the edge of the Marlborough Downs and undertook lots of repairs to stock fences to try and keep the goats in!

Stock fencing new and repairs near Marlborough Stock fencing new and repairs near Marlborough

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Newt Fencing

Newt fencing this week as part of the expansion to Tidworth Garrison for Aspire – several 100m worth of it!   It’s been erected to allow more building and expansion of the garrisons as troops return to Salisbury Plain.

It’s a simple plastic barrier trenched into the ground by 6in to stop reptiles burying underneath and approx. 3ft high with a rolled top to prevent anything climbing up and over.  It is erected where protected wildlife are likely to enter a construction site and be harmed, usually European Protected species.


April 2018

Newt-fencing-in-Tidworth Newt-fencing-in-Tidworth Newt-fencing-in-Tidworth

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