Team news at Mountain Mayhem

It was nice to have a team day away at Mountain Mayhem – off-road buggies and hovercraft racing and time trials… We managed to break two buggies and even a hovercraft!   If you think you can drive, go and try the hovercraft –  they are a great leveller !!

Good day had by all which was well organised and professional. Well done to all at Mountain Mayhem
This was followed by a meal for everyone and partners at The Well in Bulkington, which again was a well organised evening thanks to Tim and Sam.

Team news Mountain Mayhem June 2016

Team news Mountain Mayhem Team news Mountain Mayhem Team news Mountain Mayhem Team news Mountain Mayhem

Team News and First Aid Training

Under our Approved Contractor status with both the Arboricultural Association and the Contractors Health & Safety Scheme (CHAS), our ongoing training never stops.

Well done to Steve for passing his trailer test;  he is now allowed to tow a trailer over 750kg behind any vehicle.

Tom also underwent a tree rigging update where he had to evaluate the tree for hazards as well as performing an assessment of working at height. He had to identify the correct selection of rigging equipment to be used and then make the safe removal of tree sections using suitable rigging and appropriate cuts  So, dismantling the tree using rope and harness and lowering the tree limbs, rather than just letting the branches fall to the ground.  Quite a skill

Matt has just passed his chainsaw from a rope and harness qualification.  This enables him to dismantle trees while accessing them from a rope.

In late September the whole company was assessed by Guy Watson from The Arboricultural Association for our Approved Contractor Status; with only 4 small points to clarify we deemed this to be a great success, well done to everyone, fingernails coming back slowly!
All of our accreditations are explained fully here

Conservation Contractors – here for your safety and peace of mind.

First Aid: Last week all staff at Conservation Contractors had First Aid training.  We are now all qualified for another 3 years .. a bit of fun with some of the of role-playing.  The course delivered by ABC Response includes the updated training on the latest first aid practices and allows us to work on Forestry Commission sites.

Team News and First Aid Training