Hire Services: Tree Spade

Tree Spade For Hire

Tree spades can facilitate the transplanting of trees very cost effectively. We are now able to move medium sized trees up to 30 cm girth (measured at 20 cm up the trunk) for parks, private estates and landowners, golf and sports clubs using our Vermeer tractor-mounted Tree Spade.

The Tree Spade will create a root ball approx. 1 m x 1m at its largest points. Trees can then be moved with ease and little disturbance; new areas of woodland or individual trees can be transplanted by one man and we have used the Tree Spade to thin woodlands and move the trees to other positions rather than felling.

So, whether you are looking to introduce changes to your Estate landscape or building designs, replace trees with more appropriate or perhaps native species, or needing to relocate for planning requirements, then hiring our Tree Spade could be a good solution.  Whilst the optimum time to transplant is autumn/early spring, there can be some flexibility here, depending on size and type of tree.

This machine will fit onto a mid-range tractor and can be hired with or without a tractor and operator.  It’s easily moved with a large pick up or flat-bed trailer and fits a tractor’s 3-point linkage.  The Tree Spade has 4 blades, in a square with a blade at each corner with the ‘opposite’ corner opening.  It’s hydraulically operated.

If you’re interested please call us on 07889 461 358, complete the contact form on the website or email info@conservation-contractors.co.uk with an outline of your requirements.

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